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Monday, November 26, 2012

"Tis the Season" to Work Basketball Concession Stand

4th Grade will be in charge of the concession stand for Monday night's basketball games, Dec. 3.  Please see the list below for your assigned shift.  If you are unable to work the following shift please call or contact someone to swap with you.  We will need all parents to work, since our class is so small.   Thanks for all that you do for your children.  Thanks for making Fullington such a wonderful place to educate your child.

"Miss" Cynthia

Shift 1 Girls and Boys JV Games  Arrive at 3:45
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start of JV girls game
1. Amy Thompson
2. Anne Greer
3. Lauren Bloodworth
4. Sherrie Tyndal
5. Vivian Hudson
6. Cape and Katherine Jones
7. Koby and Tina Worley

Shift 2 Girls and Boys Varsity Games Arrive at 6:45
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start of Girls Varsity game
1. Bill Greer
2. Tina Rogers
3. Davon Bailey
4. Renea Bloodworth
5. Thad Fullington
6. Ronnie and Jan Jones
7. Carrie Hanchey

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