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Monday, August 13, 2012

Our class schedule for 2012-2013

Our Daily Schedule
7:45-8:05             Arrival to school
8:05-8:15             Attendance/Lunch Report
8:15-8:30             Pledges, Memory Verse, Bible skills, and prayer requests
8:30-9:05             Math Part 1-checking homework, speed drill,    
                            multiplication and division drills                
9:02-10:02           Activity
10:02-10:15         Restroom
10:15-11:05         Language/Spelling
11:05-11:25         AR
11:25-11:55         Lunch
11:55-12:00         Restroom
12:00-12:35        Math Part 2- Lesson and class work
12:35-1:05           History
1:05-1:35             Science
1:35-1:50             Penmanship
1:50-1:55             Restroom
1:55- 2:30           Reading
2:30-2:40             Agenda and Pack Up
2:40-3:05             Recess
3:05-3:10             Tidy the room and prepare for dismissal
3:15                      Elementary Dismissal *through the front of Sewell Hall
Please do not pick your child up in the back of Sewell Hall for your child’s safety, each child will be picked up near the front. J

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