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Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 4th Grade Etiquette Luncheon

We had a great time at the "Etiquette Luncheon".  Miss Amy spent many hours teaching manners and the basic of table ettiquette.  the staff of "The Colomns" was very complimentary of the students and their behavior.  The students represented Fullington with the upmost respect and distinction. They were all gracious ladies and gentlmen. 

Thanks, Miss Amy for all of your hard work in making this day so much fun and enjoyable.   The students all enjoyed the day and want to do it again.

Thanks too, to the 5th grade boys who were willing to go as escorts with our girls.  I was so proud of them, as well.

It is wonderful that our school offers this class.  This is a class that the children will use throughout their lives.
I tried to upload pictures but I am experiencing difficulty with my computer the last few weeks.  I hope to have it repaired this weekend.  If so I will attach photos later.  Miss Amy will make each of you a CD with her pictures from that day.

Miss Cynthia

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