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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4th Grade Civil War Projects


Students have chosen a topic for their Civil War project.  Please ask you child about his/her topic.

Date project is due:  Jan18, 2013

Grade:  This project will count as two test grades, one for the written report and one for the visual presentation.

  • Written report must include: student name and date, name of topic, 5 interesting facts about the topic, correct spelling and written in complete sentences, it must contain a sentence explaining why this topic was chosen.  The report must be written in pen.

  • Visual may include one of the following types, poster, diorama, food, demonstration, actual examples, pictures, power point, computer site with information for the class.

  • Reports will be given orally to the class on assigned days.  This will be during Januanry 22 or 23, 2013.

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